The Custom Yacht Experience


What McMullen & Wing builds in every yacht is in direct response to the client. Interpretation of the dream is the essence of custom yachts.

Yacht building is, of course, an intensely technical process. Comfort, reliability and safety are essential attributes of any quality yacht and McMullen & Wing’s reputation for technical excellence is truly exceptional.

And there is, of course, a product at the end of the process. Rare indeed in this age, our yachts are not built for ‘the market’ or for a ‘typical’ owner. Call them what you will, such vessels are production yachts, ‘off the rack’ products which sit, waiting for an owner to want them.

McMullen & Wing believes that custom yachts are something quite different: set apart by the purest interpretation of one owner’s vision and values; underpinning the project, guiding designer and shipyard in the realisation of a yacht which is an expression of who the owners are, who they want to be and how they like to live: the emotional purpose for the yacht’s entire existence.

Enchantingly, the result is not a yacht which only suits one owner, one family. It’s quite the reverse. The result is a yacht with integrity, timelessness and enduring beauty, with a magic that affects all who experience her, derived from the original vision and values
of one individual.