Craftmanship & Perfection


Our craftsmen are exceptional, our facilities first rate; but it is our culture which pushes us to strive constantly for perfection. Ever questioning, changing, developing, improving, the quest for perfection never ends. It is that quest which gives us energy and motivates us afresh for each new yacht project: the opportunity to make each yacht even better than the last.

For a builder, perfection is more often found in the small things than the large. It is in the details that you will find the hallmark of the craftsman: the subtle relationships between elements, a seamlessly assembled cabinet, the careful selection of natural materials.

It is our hope that owners will keep finding new joys in our yachts for years after our work is done.Perfection is also to be found in knowing the right tool, the right process, the right person for the job. McMullen & Wing makes good use of the efficiency and accuracy offered by modern technology. Computer-controlled plasma cutting of metal plates ensures precision in the important foundations of the yacht structure. Robotic welding ensures the most consistent metalwork. Highly controlled closed moulding processes guarantee the highest purity composite laminates. Automated cutting of timber panel substrates direct from CAD drawings ensures accuracy.Yet technology is a tool, an enabler. It is there to make the product even better, not to make it more quickly. For all the technology we provide, our yachts are first and foremost built by people, not by machines.